Sep 27, 2010


a client brought me this portrait 
of her 5 year old daughter,
and asked me to design a room for her.
isn't it beautiful?
i adore the colors and the style of the painting.
i would love the paint the walls a soft blue, 
and bring in some punches of a maize yellow and orange.
maybe something like this:
i would love to throw in a little of this:
but it is not very budget friendly.
maybe we can swing just a pillow...


  1. The fabric reminds me a lot of the Bettina line by Pottery Barn. No longer produced, but there are always pieces on ebay. Could that maybe be a more "budget friendly" option?

  2. em,
    thanks for the suggestion! i will start searching---thank goodness for ebay, huh?

  3. Love the chevron with the portrait, it adds a modern graphic element...what a fun why to begin a project! Janell

  4. Why don't you go to and design your own fabric like the flowers in her hair? They only charge about $18 a yard. Ann

  5. nutbird,
    thanks so much for the idea! i have always wanted to design my own fabric, but thought it was closer to $50 a yard to do so.
    now, if i can just get the client on board...

  6. the portrait makes me think alphonse mucha. maybe a little too art deco glitzy for their tastes. I love the yellow and blue you picked up on though! Hope you find a solution for the fabric, good luck!

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