Sep 9, 2010

wallpaper gift wrap

as i was digging through my digital photos last night,
i came across this picture:
it was a gift for one of my dearest friends newborn 
baby girl. (nearly 6 years ago! where does the time go?)
i used a scrap of the wallpaper that i used 
on the powder room ceiling in house #2
some simple gimham ribbon,
a wooden tag (that i painted cream)
and a paper mache box found at a craft store.
you can see instructions on how i transformed 
a few other boxes here.


  1. Love this idea! Stay tuned, my NWH (newlywedhusband)'s birthday is next week and I am def doing this!

    I looked at your other box transformations and love love love them!

    Telia, Newlywedwifelife

  2. thanks telia!
    i would love to see what you come up with!

  3. so sweet:) I'm so sad because I know that with my two left hands I will never do such a beautiful box... But still I can watch this pics ;)

  4. Autumn, where did you order that wallpaper from? I'm in love with it!