Sep 15, 2010

silk window treatments

sometimes, a room really takes my breath away because of the
beautiful/unique/fabulous/ amazing 
window treatments.
i'll be sharing some faves from 
my stash this week.
i am a big fan of silk.
i love the subtle sheen of silk window treatments
and have put them in many of my projects.
i think they add a texture and sophistication that
is hard to duplicate with any other fabric.
 usually, i have my drapes made
from dupioni silk, a silk that has slight nubs 
in it due to the use of rougher silk fibers.
it also resists wrinklingand is totally reversible.
these are the drapes that inspired the window treatments in my black study,
i have had this picture in my files for years!
i love this entire bedroom, but what really caught my
eye was the drapes. the simple taupe banding on the top
and bottom of the soft green drapes really makes these
window treatments special.
at first glance, this room is 
very traditional, but take a closer look
at the accessories and 
notice a few of the twists:
the a---mazing headboard
the pops of blue, fuschia, and yellow
the patterns on the pillow and throw
evoke a very "traveled" look.

simple, pinch pleat panels 
done right.
i normally am not the hugest fan of puddling, 
but i like the softness it adds here.
these creamy panels 
contrast nicely with the crisp white walls 
to keep this soft color scheme interesting.
i'll be *dumping some more pretty window treatments tomorrow.
see ya then.


  1. Silk is my favorite too. I'll be back tomorrow for more !

  2. Hi Autumn. Thanks for sharing these ideas. Yes, silk is one of the best materials to use for window treatments. It's wrinkle resistance features is the best reason to have them as curtains or drapes.