Sep 7, 2010

outdoor entertaining: welcoming tables

i hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!
it was too chilly here to swim, but we had a great time
hanging out with some old friends 
and being together as a family. 
as i was scanning these pictures below, 
i was enchanted by the welcoming
 feel of these outdoor tables
some set for a large feast,
and others set for an intimate meal for two...
i love the tablecloth fabric here,
and the low, green arrangements are so pretty against it.
wouldn't you love to show up to this party?
everything looks so effortless and charming.
a beautiful spot for a casual breakfast!
i love the flagstone patio and the metal cafe chairs...
 both so timeless.
isn't this one enchanting?
a gorgeous out door room is the 
perfect setting for any meal.
i love how the sideboard has been 
accessorized with plants and a mirror.

simple and chic.
this one has such a low-key feel to it
that i find really appealing.
oooo. this one is gorgeous!
i think even ina garten might
be jealous over this setting.
so, so lovely.
i really love the simple, architectural arbor
dripping with wisteria blossoms.
(and the metal chairs are perfect)



    I am INSPIRED!!!

    Linda in AZ *

  2. Love your site and love these spaces! I have a patio and love spending time out there, but it is still lacking that "something." These photos have inspired me to figure out what that "something" is and make it perfect!

    Telia, NewlyWedWifeLife

  3. Excellent examples of how you can create an outdoor dining space in even the smallest of areas. There is something so relaxing about dining outdoors.

  4. There's nothing like whipping of the patio chair covers for a good spring garden get together. Love the idea of greeting tables too!

  5. Very pretty! To protect your beautiful backyard it's smart to buy a patio table cover, so that when you have guests the up keeping of will be less of a hassle!