Sep 3, 2010

pretty pools

can you believe it is labor day weekend?
here in the west, the mornings and evenings
are already dramatically cooler than 
they were a few weeks ago.
autumn is on her way.
(no pun intended)
we will be spending the weekend soaking up as much sun as we can 
and swimming as often as we can before the pool 
closes for the winter.
i have to admit,
until recently, the thought of having a 
pool never appealed to me. 
i spent one summer as
a lifeguard, and the maintenence involved in 
caring for a pool seemed overwhelming. now that i 
am a little bit older, and have 3 kids and a husband, 
the thought of maintaining a pool doesn't seem so daunting.
of course, if i DID have a pool, 
i would want it to look like one of these...

can you blame me?
have a great weekend.
and enjoy those pools before they close!

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