Jan 31, 2011

client inspiration + tween room design plan

a few weeks ago, a client contacted me about designing a
room for her artistic almost 12 year old daughter.
(in fact, she is giving her daughter this room makeover
for her 12th birthday...how awesome is that?) 
she already had a start, but was stuck.
her requests:
she wanted some purple, but didn't want a "purple" room.
lots of storage for arts and crafts, 
a comfy place to read 
and a touch of yellow giraffe.
she also sent me a picture of the
that her daughter had fallen in love with.
oh, and everything needed to be under $2,000.
(and i do mean everything...the only thing
staying from the old room will be the mattress.)
here is the amazing picture she sent me as inspiration:
and here is the idea board 
i came up with:
i think it will be a fun space when it is finished.
one entire wall, including the closet doors will be painted in
chalkboard paint. the other walls will be a soft gray.
my client is going to make the headboard...
i can't wait to see how it turns out! 

interested in working together to make your space 

more functional and beautiful?
e-mail me at autumnclemons@yahoo.com.


  1. You really captured the feeling of that inspiration image Autumn. What a lucky girl to receive such a gift.

  2. Auumn, this is gorgeous and you really did a wonderful job getting the feel of the image she sent you. It is going to be a beautiful room, how exciting for that pre-teen girl. She won't believe her eyes when she sees it, Great job!! Kathysue

  3. thank you ladies!
    i hope to have pictures of the final room...i just sent the idea board last week, and my client already has the room painted, and the bedding and some of the furniture ordered! she is ON THE MOVE!

  4. Nice! I love the touch of burgundy and the owl fabric (or is it wallpaper?) SO FUN! What a beautiful inspiration photo, too.

  5. it's fabric! hopefully, the bulletin board will be covered in it. isn't it darling?

  6. I thought my room growing up was pretty darn good, but this, this makes me want to turn back the clock and go back it's gonna be AMAZING. Well done! And that Owl lamp? LOVE IT!

  7. What a gorgeous inspiration photo. I just love what you've chosen for the room. This will be so fun to see finished!

  8. Oh, I will not be showing this to MY daughter, this she would love! Can you believe she suddenly has a distaste for pink, too bad I say, for now! (I just completed her room with her picking everything out with me under two years ago, including the pink!)

  9. Isn't this a small world? I follow your friend's blog and she mentioned you and your talent and I was so pleased I could agree that you do have amazing talent. I could see it years ago in our first year of design class. So fun to see what you have done!

  10. I hope we'll see after photos? I like where it's going! The purple tufted ottoman thingies, the patterns, the rug... all fantastic.


  11. Oh I love the color combo, and the stools! YUMMMY!

  12. Fantastic!
    I agree with all of the comments. You did an amazing job jumping off from the owl lamp (which is so cute) and the inspiration photo. You really got it. I love following along on all of your projects.

  13. Love this! You really are brilliant. I don't think I can tell you enough! I can't wait to see the final room!:)

  14. Where did the white rug that you ended up using come from?