May 11, 2011

brilliant ikea hack

i don't even remember how i stumbled onto naomi's blog, but when i saw what she did with some paint,
brass hardware, and two ikea rast cabinets, i had to share her brilliance.

all images via design manifest.
be sure to check out naomi's blog for more great ideas and tips. 
i love that she used chinese brass hardware. i have ordered from them before,
and was really impressd with their selection and how quickly i received my order!


  1. awesome awesome awesome. possibly my newest fave ikea hack! I love how they hint toward Campaigners!!

  2. amazing. aren't those IKEA dressers like, $30? what a steal.

  3. What a gorgeous transformation! I love how a great deal can turn into a masterpiece!

  4. That is a gorgeous transformation! I am going to check out her blog!

  5. I actually like her interpretation better than the inspiration piece. There's so much creativity out in the blogging community.

  6. OH my gosh, just saw this and wanted to say thank you!! I really love them. Especially now that they are styled. A little styling makes everything better, right?