May 28, 2011

will you watch?

i sure will.
i find myself powerless against the seduction that is bravo reality tv. 
we got rid of our cable about 7 months ago, and i haven't missed
an episode of the real housewives of orange county or flipping out.
i have a feeling that his show is going to be a  hit. at least with me.
all the drama and humor of bravo reality PLUS amazing design?
sign. me. up.
million dollar decorators premiers may 31 on bravo.


  1. Oh Yes I am with you on this one, I have it ready to record in case I forget it is on!! happy weekend, Kathysue

  2. Never heard of this show but I will be watching/recording it as well!

  3. You better believe I'll be watching. I think there's a lot to learn from high end design even if I can't begin to afford it myself.


    Oh dang living in Australia! Tell all for your envious friends down under.

    Suzy xxx

  5. Oh, I will definitely watch it! I am also mildly obsessed with bravo reality tv! I love flipping out, the housewives series, and I'm sure this new show will also be great. I agree with Karen's comment above- there can be plenty to learn from it!

  6. Absolutely! Thanks for the reminder. Must set DVR...