May 10, 2011

birds of a feather tween party

my oldest daughter olivia just turned 12.
AND, she is almost as tall as me...where in the WORLD does the time go?
in our family, we alternate "friend" birthday parties and "family" birthday parties.
since we only have a "big" party every other year, i like to make it really special.
when olivia turned 10, we had a "safari pool party" and invited over 20 girls. it
was a fun party, but making 20+ party favors and 20+ invitations was a little
overwhelming. this year, she opted to invite only her 6 best friends.
olivia is an animal lover through and through, and wanted the "theme" to
have something to do with animals...i searched and searched for inspiration...
i wanted something with an interesting color theme, and that was just
a little grown up and suitable for tweens. i was shopping at michaels when i spotted
the perfect inspiration in the wedding section! for those of you that don't know, most
craft stores carry a beautiful assortment of printable wedding invitations.
i knew with a few minor additions, these invites would be perfect for her party.

the inside of the envelope was pretty plain, so i lined them with metallic patterned paper.
 i also added the "flight itinerary"card.
 we decided to have the entire party "out", which is perfect for a group of young ladies.
since i only had 6 girls (versus 20+) AND i didn't have any food or decorations to
worry about, i really went all out on the party favors.
each girl got a wooden box filled with goodies.
(the boxes were also found at michaels.)
as each girl came to the car, we gave them a cute flower to wear in their hair.
i made the flowers with a floral garland that i  found at walmart and some barrettes and felt 
picked up at a craft store.
 each girl received:
a monogrammed bookmark (made from scrapbook paper and a letter cut with my cricut)
a stretchable mood ring
some m+m's and chocolate covered sunflower seeds in a hinged tin. 
(found in the wedding section at michaels craft store)
blue nail polish,
some vanilla body spray
a homemade hair clip
and some chocolate!
 for just a couple dollars more than it would have cost to buy paper bags, i was able to get these wooden boxes. i think they give a very "grown up" feel and will be something that each girl can use
 for years to come.

 my daughter wrote each one of her friends a poem and a note and attached it to the inside of the box.
these notes were the "response cards" that came with the wedding invitations.

a quick look at the cake...i am NOT good at making birthday cakes, so this
is something that i usually have a bakery do. i have also ordered plain cakes from
grocery stores and add somthing to dress them up. i did that here and here.
when ordering from a bakery, i always come armed with color swatches,
some sketches of what i want and a print out of the font that i want matched for the writing.
yeah, i'm a little crazy when it comes to things coordinating for a party...
party was a success and the party favors were a big hit! 
the girls all had a great  time, and so did my birthday girl.
i love you olivia!
happy 12th.


  1. What a darling party. I love the bird theme, and those boxes are fabulous! And the colors are so spring, it's so happy!

  2. Oh I love all of it - the invites were gorgeous and the favours, absolutely GENIUS!

  3. What a great party favor idea! The invitations were so clever too!

  4. You outdid yourself! It looked like a wonderful party, with all the invitations and little boxes. Great ideas!


  5. How great is this?! Absolutely lovely. You have one lucky daughter. Thanks for sharing.

    - Kristy

  6. Super DUPER cute. I wish I had a daughter so I could use all your great ideas. Everything was just perfect for a twelve year old girl's birthday.

  7. You have some great ideas in this post. First the every other year party, what a grand idea, why didn't I think of that with my three girls. 20 down to 6 AWESOME! Girls can get caddy sometimes, so I think the smaller the better. The personalized boxes, oh me oh my, I bet the girls just died over those. Going to a restaurant, so darn smart! The invitations were so beautiful too! Great job, I bet your daughter just loved every detail and every minute of it.

  8. love it! you are as crazy about parties as I am!!!

  9. That is so much fun! I think we all would've loved that party at age 12. What a fun mom!!!

  10. The birthday parties I attended at that age were miles away from being this amazing. What lucky guests.

  11. This is so clever! I love the favor idea!

  12. Oh my goodness, that is darling. I bet all the girls loved it. And I love that you take color swatches to the are a pro! :)

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