May 6, 2011

real house, real style: shelli

i am the first to admit that curling up on the couch with a stack
of home  decor magazines is one of life's perfect pleasures.
however, there are many times when i can get a little...intimidated.
a $45,000 rug? a 1.2 million renovation? an urn that costs more than my car?
i have nothing against super high-end design...but let's face it, most of us
have budgets that are far tighter, and will never own a couch that 
costs more than a college education.
 i am a firm believer in mixing high and low,
and making your house feel good for YOU. i always get asked questions like...
"but do you really think that "A" will go with "B"?
or..."if i put "A" on the wall, will it clash too much with the "B" in the other room?
almost all of the time i tell people that the more they mix things up and add
personal items in their home that tell a story about THEM, the more interesting,
unique, and beautiful their home will be. 
i was thrilled when i saw pictures of shelli's house. her house is warm and
inviting, but also has perfect little pops of personality.
there is a great balance of traditional, graphic and textural items that
create a sense of interest and comfort.
and how FANTASTIC is that striped couch? 
i love how the large, graphic posters take advantage of those high ceilings!
angled fireplaces can pose a lot of design issues in a room, but i love that shelli created a 
symmterucal, comfortable seating area that in a way "ignores" the fireplace.
well done.
 aren't her pictures great?

i am dying over this office! 
shelli painted the walls a soft pink, and brought in plenty of texture
and neutrals to keep it form feeling too girly.
the turquoise, blue and green accents are the perfect balance to the pink.
 the eames soft pad management chair is a favorite of mine...
real or "faux", i love them all.

shelli made this gorgeous bolster pillow from a table runner!
 blue and green are not commonly used in nursery's for baby girls,
but shelli brilliantly managed to keep the vibe light and playful and feminine.
in the breakfast room, the chevron love seat  "plays" so nicely with the slip covered
parsons chairs and traditional wood chairs. it's still traditional, but kicked up a notch.
love it.
thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us shelli!
to see more pictures of shelli's gorgeous home, click here.


  1. Thank you again for the beautiful feature Autumn! I'm honored! xoxo Shel

  2. these are beautiful! I want that rug in her living room.

  3. I saw her home featured on another blog. So glad you featured it too... I love love love it!

  4. I loved that office from the moment I saw it - it's one of the inspirations for my future office space! I love the fact she used soft pink without it feeling too girly; just elegant.

  5. Really pretty. Love the nursery and the slips on the breakfast room chairs.

  6. I love her home and the fact that she found so many of her pieces at affordable retailers.

  7. Such a beautiful, livable home! And, I totally agreed with your commentary - if more people followed that advice their homes owuld be so much more fun and they also wouldn't be so intimidated by the design process. Great post.

  8. Please do a post on tall ceiling and two story walls I just purchased a house with a vaulted great room and am stumped.

  9. pulled together but very warm and cozy. Many fresh and fun ideas. Good job.