May 13, 2011

pool house

when i spotted this pool house in the april issue of atlanta homes magazine, immediately thought several things:
1. WHAT the what?? this is a pool house?
2.  this is the prettiest pool house i have ever laid eyes on.
3.  i'm insanely jealous of whoever lives here, but i secretly wished they were my friend 
or close relative, so i could come over and enjoy it.
4. and by "enjoy it" i mean "live in it for a year...or two".
have a look...and i dare you not to feel a tinge of jealously.
 architecture by henry sprott long and associates.
 ummm...hmmm. jealous yet?
 interior design by phoebe howard.
i really love the flooring choices...the herringbone slate in the living area and these pebble stones in the bathroom are textural, classic and beautiful.
schumacher's "chenoneau" at the windows.
i love the orkley island chair...rustic yet refined.
the textures are really beautiful.
i love how the slight curve at the top of the armoire is repeated in the lantern.
the grey blue painted panels are a nice touch in the kitchen, 
and the lanterns add a casual flair.

oh, and right now, the foundary has some great
aluminum side tables on sale for between $75-139.
they are under the tab "posh home accents".
here are a few:

happy shopping!


  1. Oh my gosh, I love everything about it! Yes, I am jealous!


  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Can I just have a house built to look exactly like it?

  3. Yes, please. Build it as a duplx, and I will come and rent the other half!!

  4. This is a dear friend of mine; the photographs are nice, but in person is soooo much better!!

    Okay, okay, I want to be their friend too. So much for wishful thinking!!! Unless shr reads this blog and befriends us all.

  5. That house is divine, I just love every details. And love that last table you posted. Now need to go see where I can fit it in the house! :)

  6. ...i NEED a pool house.

    blair @ scsd

  7. GORGEOUS!! I love everything about it... makes you wonder what the actual house looks like!

  8. I think I could live in that house and would love the pool!

  9. Oh my goodness. This is divine. I can just imagine... I have to marry someone with money! Haha. Great find. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

    [ keep calm & blog on ] xo Katy

  10. WOW...who wouldn't want to be pals with the pool house owner. Great taste.

  11. Gorgeous place! And a home design by Phoebe Howard? Yes, please!! And thanks for the info. on the side tables! they are gorgeous. :)