May 16, 2011

wallpaper i want

normally, i find myself drawn to geometric and abstract floral wallpaper, but 
i absolutely adore this wallpaper!
if i wasn't in a rental house, i would slather this baby all over the walls of my powder room.
there is something so interesting and simple about this it a feather? a tree? a leaf?
i'm not entirely sure, but i LIKE it!
nina campbell:cypress


  1. I am love with this wallpaper too. Except I want it in turquoise. Check out Tommy Bahama's version. VERY similar.

  2. I could see that wallpaper being a great inspiration and starting point for a bathroom. I have been looking at your site and I bet you could do something really great with it!

  3. I love it too! I agree on the powder room idea. I would also love to see the pink in a girly dressing room and the blue in a dining room - it's very versatile - gorgeous!