May 4, 2011

napkin upholstery

remember my den
yeah, me neither.
har. har.
i have been so busy with other things that my poor little den has
been neglected. however,  i found some time this weekend to *finally
change out the seat cover of a small chair that i had been wanting to 
put in the den. i have been thinking about what fabric i wanted to put on
the seat, when it dawned on me that i already had the perfect solution!
remember these napkins that i blogged about here?

yeah, me neither. 
they had been sitting in a stack of fabrics in a closet in my laundry room
for months...when it dawned on me that one of them would make the 
perfect seat cover for my little chair!
i had to do a little *sneakniness with the upholstery...the napkin was much longer than 
it was wide, so the ends BARELY wrapped around the front and back edge of the seat,
which made it impossible to staple...but, like i said, i was s-n-e-a-k-y.
(i'll save that for another post).
i think it's kinda funny and random that the crab looks like it will pinch the crud out of your bum
if you sit on the chair...
here is the "before"...
room info:
wall color: BM providence blue
glaze: BM knoxville gray + BM blue spruce
chair: purchased from a shelby williams warehouse sale in morristown, tn for $15
napkin: wisteria
brass side table: the foundary
caesar head bud vase: wisteria
faux bois vase + preserved cypress: roberts craft store (on clearance for $4!)
medium sunburst mirror: tj maxx homegoods
small sunburst mirror: consignment store


  1. Love it! Especially love the sense of fun in the pinchy pinch.

  2. So fun, what an excellent idea and conversation piece!

  3. It's one of those weird psychological things, but I'd have trouble sitting on it b/c of the pinchers; is that the point? No one will sit on the chair that way?

  4. I want to know the secret. That is such an innovative idea.

  5. cherri,
    yep! that;s the's kinda funny in a "i don't really know if i want to sit there" type of way.

  6. How fun is this??? Like a cool seafood restaurant!
    I love the way you write. Feel like we are having a conversation :)

  7. That chair looks so great and is totally unique - great job! I laughed when you read that about the pinching because I had just thought that too...but that makes it fun in it's own way!