May 2, 2011

what a

ahhh. so thanks for your patience with my "spring break".
i was able to get a lot done, and spend some time with my family.
mission accomplished. 
i made the colossal mistake of ignoring the
laundry again, so i am kinda back to square one...
in any case, one of the things that my family and i are looking forward to is our 
upcoming trip back to the south this summer. it's our first trip back in 
three years! allen's family is having a reunion on the 4th  of july, and 
we are also going to sneak in a little time in orlando and
the beach while we are there. while i was doing some research on an
affordable place to rent while at the beach, i ran across some a---mazing
beach properties located in alys beach, florida. one house in particular, really caught my eye.
if only i had an extra 1.5 million laying around, i would snatch it up in a heartbeat:

this house designed by martinez + alvarez architects. there was no
credit on the designer, but whoever it is, is my new hero.

and, just for kicks, here are a few pictures from other alys beach homes
that i want to move into:

ahhh....don't pretty picures like this almost make it NOT seem
like a monday?


  1. haha yes after the photos it feels like friday! :) beautiful & magical

  2. Perfect photos!!
    We just came off break I'd really like this NOT to be a Monday.
    Love your blog!! I am your newest follower!

  3. I'm always trying to come up with things to put over beds (other than sunbursts, which I love but which have their limits) -- love the way they've put collections above headboards, and the room where the headboards are so tall, they're enough on their own.


  4. Just love that first house. The kitchen is so serene and I love the bathroom with the taxidermy fish. The house has just enough beach, but doesn't scream theme.

  5. Even the pictures made me relax. :) So peaceful.

  6. ah! so true about the house having a beach vibe, but not being too theme-y.
    it's amazing to see the different interiors of all these beach homes and condos. they all look so similar on the outside, but the interiors range from 80's mauve/floral wallpaper borders to bright/over-the-top fish theming to completely sophisticated and serene, like the homes above. too bad all of the homes with "serene" interiors come at "shocking" prices!

  7. Lots of great ideas to steal here. Love, love, love the palm photo that was divided among three frames and that gorgeous, cozy looking room with the white sofa.

    Welcome back.

  8. oooh love the photos you posted! Happy Monday and glad you had some family time.

  9. The beach house you featured is just about the best thing I've ever seen...but I don't have an extra 1.5M laying around either...too bad!

    Nice to find your blog...

  10. I invite you to scroll through my blog.. perhaps you see something you like.
    Nice blog you have... Elizabeth.

  11. The photos are looking so nice and beautiful, not less than heaven.I just wish to go there and relax.You really done a good job,I like your blog very much.