May 19, 2011

lovely lilac

over the last few days, the group of unattractive, scrubby bushes that line
my backyard have been transformed into a bevy of lilac blossoms. growing up, i lived in a house
with several lilac bushes in the yard, and i always looked forward to seeing them bloom every year. 
there is something about the smell of lilacs, and the beautiful gradient of purples in their blooms that i find so inspiring. if you would have asked me a few years ago what my least favortite color was, 
i would have answered "purple" without hesitation.
but, now? well, let's just say i have changed my a big way.
this room is lilac at it's best. just that hint of deep, muted purple at the windows is enough to give this
room a sophisticated, feminine feel.
pictures like this feed my soul.
this bold rug brings this neutral room to life. 
(and the gothic arch window and wainscoting are certainly helping out as well...)
here are a few ways to add a dose of lilac to your home:
schumacher's stripedot in lilac would make a great cover for an ottoman.

these linen pillows are currently out of stock at wisteria, but i loved the hushed, 
greyed-out purple tones... and the texture.
this lupe rug by madeline weinrib could transform an entry.

 i can picture this fabric as a bedskirt or some window treatments in a little girls room,
paired with pale, taupey-grey walls, and pops of mustard yellow.

  this wallpaper would look great in a master bath, paired with
dark wood cabinetry and white marble.

if lilac wallpaper scares you, you could start off by adding just a hint of purple

you may recognize this pretty bedspread from here.

not quite eady to take the plunge and add some lilac into your decorating plans?
then start here...fresh, fragrant and lovely.
(images from houzz)


  1. loving the lilacs as well! especially love the madeline weinrib rug!

  2. Your room in stunning!I'm a fellow designer and here's my 2 cents of opinion: "Purple" is a wonderful color! Since it's often the favored color of little girls, people can't imagine using it in their homes (girls' rooms and bathrooms excluded!)
    Here are some facts about purple: it looks great with green! Any of the plant- based color matches looks great in rooms that have windows (all the greenery outside) I love it on patio furniture and in sunrooms too.
    Keep up the good work!
    Amy (from Texas!)

  3. I know this is an older post, but lilac has been a staple in my home since we bought it a year ago and I couldn't imagine another color on my Madeline Weinrib Lupe or my daughters Madeline Weinrib ChaCha!