May 5, 2011

recycled consign + design

recently, my husband had a work conference in st. george, and so our
family was able to join him. it was great to get and early taste of george is
always at least 20 degrees warmer than salt lake city, and so the trees were green,
the sun was shining and it was WARM. ahhh! heaven! on the way back, i was able to pop in and
visit amanda's store in cedar city. i met amanda at the alice lane bloggers social in
demember and we immediately hit it off. she is not only sweet and funny, but stylish
and creative too. her store is really amazing, and has a very eclectic and quirky vibe, 
which i loved!
i love the striped awning!
the store is filled with new, unique merchandise...
and funky vintage items...

do you think an chubby guinea pig named "freddy" would fit in the cage?
because this is SO much cuter than his current one....
i loved the way she diplayed these cow hides.
i would love the see these boxes on the shelf of my closet...instant chic!
mini pom-poms + scarves? serious cuteness.

amanda redid this dining set herself...
i really, really wanted this towel bars....but i told myself that i really need to wait until we buy a house.
i am always on the look out for a cute sunburst mirror.
these letter blocks were a lot of fun. and no, i am not the one who spelled "phat" on the blocks.
i am totally in love with this display wall! the dark midnight blue walls with the animal heads are perfect.
 OH!! and this CHAIR! how fun is that?
my only regret was that i missed seeing amanda while i was there!
she left right before i walked hoo. 
i will see you next time i'm in town, amanda!
oh, in case you didn't know, amanda has a blog. you can check it out here.


  1. Oh, some fabulous things here, love the birdcage and the sunburst mirror! Janell

  2. I live in Cedar and have been to the shop. She has some great things to browse through! Thanks for tipping me off to her blog!

  3. heather,
    how fun! we actually stopped and enjoyed your new aquatic center for a couple of hours before heading home! it was really nice!

  4. How great is the houndstooth fabric on that chair?

  5. Thanks Autumn I am soooo sad I missed you! Next time :)

  6. I would SO love to visit Amanda's shop in person- loved this tour- she has so many gorgeous pieces!!

  7. What a fun place - especially love the houndstooth wing chair!

  8. I absolutely love Miss Amanda and it is so fun to get a glimpse into her fabulous store! I'm living vicariously through you (c: Lovely post, my dear!

  9. Looks like a wonderful shop and well worth the drive from SLC! I think it's time to "Go South"!

    Second Hand Chicks

  10. I got to meet Amanda at Blogfest. I love her! I was wondering what her store looked like on the inside and now I know! THanks for the post.