May 9, 2011

a little upholstery trick

last week, i recovered a chair with a napkin, and mentioned that i had used a little *trickery!
well, lucky, lucky you that i took "upholstery 101" not ONCE but TWICE when i was in college!
yes, i loved it so much that i took it twice....and was able to reupholster 3 chairs. those chairs have been slowly replaced through the years, but my upholstery knowledge has stayed with me.
one trick that i learned can come in handy when you are trying to preserve expensive "face"fabric, or,
in my case, when the fabric you want to use is just a little bit too short. it's a very simple process---just sewstrips of  a secondary fabric onto the face's best if this fabric is a similar color to your face fabric.

the extra width will allow you to pull and staple the fabric around the backside of the piece you are working on.
super, duper easy.
here are a few pictures of how this looks on my chair:
 this is the front of the seat...

this is the back of the seat, so the seam doesn't show at all.
i hope you enjoyed gleaning my "upholstery 101" knowledge from me!
have a terrific night, y'all!


  1. Great and simple idea!!

  2. How I wish they offered Upholstery 101 when I went to school! I would have taken it twice too. It is seriously such a needed skill. I found a place up here in Boston that offers a class and so want to take it.
    Great tip!

  3. Thanks for sharing Autumn, I was wondering what your trick was.