Jan 18, 2011

big lots jackpot

you heard right.
cute, tasteful stuff at BIG LOTS.
oh, trust me---
i am as surprised as you are.
i don't think i have stepped foot inside a big lots in about 3 years.
(there isn't really one near my house, and big lots has just
fallen off my radar as a source to find accessories. i actually went 
in there to find some cheap notepads for my kids to draw on.)
and so i was SHOCKED to find these goodies:
i thought this vase was so chic.
love the cut out quatrefoil detail.
these baskets would look great in a bathroom for storing extra toiletries,
wash cloths and toilet paper.
i loved this mirror with the greek key trim.
it would look nice left gold, or it could be painted.
i considering taking it home with me, and then i remembered that i 
already have way too many mirrors, and some of them haven't even found a home yet.
sorry mirror.
maybe next time.
seriously cute rug would perk up any bathroom or look great in a kitchen.
my camera didn't quite capture how pretty the colors of these rugs were!
(they seemed much softer in person)
i thought the color palettes were really sophisticated, and think that these would
look stunning made into some pillows.
(i'm pretty sure pottery barn carried a line of kilim-like
pillows a while back...)
you could even cover a small ottoman with these...
i think they were something like $3.99 a piece!
chic, cheap zebra mats.
these were suprisingly thick and seemed very well made.
wouldn't this little rug look cute in a little boys bathroom?
the colors are so fun.

i wasn't totally sold on the COLOR of these lamps, but loved the shape!
they are a little jonathan adler-like, don't you think?
spraying them a glossy white or a fun color would make these lamps look like they came
from a high-end boutique. the linen drum shade is so nice.
classic lampshades in a timeless navy ticking stripe.
this lamp was HUGE---seriously. like close to 36" tall.
i thought they were a great shape and size and loved the amber color.
this cute little mercury glass lamp would look great on a desk.
and these blue glass lamps were so fun!
so, if you have not been in a big lots in a while,
you might just want to pop in and check out what they have!
you might just leave with something chic + cheap.


  1. you're right about the jonathan adler-esque lamps! i'm going and watch none of these things will be at my location. total jackpot! i can't believe all the things you found at lil ol big lots.

  2. I love Big Lots!! Sometimes I don't find anything and sometimes I have a trip like your's! :)

  3. i adore big lots I Always find the best home decor there! im kicking myself because I hadnt purchased that vase last year when i saw it and I literally walked around with it each time I was in the store but never bought it home... uuuugggghhhh Love those lamps.. and ur right that color isn't giving me fierce but id still buy it and spray paint in just the same LOL

  4. I have never been to a big lots but I desperately want to now!!

  5. I hadnt been to one in YEARS either but right before Christmas my mom and I went into one. I found round silver tabletop clocks(just like Pottery Barns!) for only $15...and thats the large size! They came with a little stand and everything. You just never know...

  6. Wow! I can't believe this!! Those quatrefoil cut out vases are amazing. You've convinced me! I need to check out my local Big Lots.

  7. Wow! I am impressed! Adding Big Lots to my "To Do" list right now. Thanks :)

  8. I've never been to a Big Lots but it looks like I need to find one!
    I love the quatrefoil vase and think I need 2 of those greek key frames for my new master bath. Do you think they would work in a bath? I would have to redo the finish because gold wouldn't work at all. Silver spray paint?

    Thanks for th eads up.

  9. Not sure if you've written about it before, but you should also check out Burlington Coat Factory for inexpensive decor items.

  10. Oh I am going to run to big lots tomorrow! Thanks for letting us know!

  11. I actually have found a lot of great things there too lately!!! Who would have thought?

  12. Wow! I haven't been to Big Lots in a long time either! Though I did buy a couch from there once ~ it had fabulous curvy lines! Still adore that couch! :D

  13. As soon as I saw this I ran to my nearest Big Lots for that mirror and the kitchen rug. I NEED that mirror! Of course, my Big Lots had absolutely nothing. It apparently is far less chic than the one near you! Thanks for the info. though I often forget about that place.

  14. I was just in Big Lots yesterday. The can have some really good items. I am really needing those Greek Keyed mirrors. They will go quite well with my current bedding.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  15. I don't go in often, but I have found a few nice accessories, a couple lamps and some great storage baskets at BL.