Jan 8, 2011

new additions

i've blogged about these trellis footstools before, 
and used them on an idea board for 
but i finally got around to getting a pair for myself.
(free shipping, plus, they were the cheapest i had
seen them in close to a year. i practically HAD to...)
 i am really pleased with them!
the detailing is nice, and they are VERY sturdy.
and, NO, they are NOT going to stay
beige microfiber.
not. a. chance.
i'm just not really sure where they will go in house #6,
and i am not sure i want to recover them until we move...
so, unless i find some *cheap and fabulous
fabric, i will probably just keep them this way for a while.
i will most likely paint the bases as well...

oh, and meet "sir billy-dave".
(my kids named him that)
allen's friend ben is quite the hunter
and on our last visit to see ben and his family, 
i asked....er, begged for him to
give me a set of antlers. 
(he had about 2 dozen sets just
in his garage, and another 4-5 in his house.)
ben obliged, and i am a happy girl.
thanks ben!


  1. Oh I am so envious! I am dyig for a pair of anglers! I've been thinking of DIYing a pair with paper mache and wire but I can't find a tutorial so ill either wing it or wait to find a real pair... oh the dilemmas of decorating. Haha

  2. ummm love both new aquisitions....can't wait to see the stools in their next incarnation!

  3. they look lovely! Love bamboo motiff furniture.

  4. LOVE the antlers, and I'm headed over to find out more about that stool--isn't that the one from JCP?? I think I'm finally going to have to grab 2 myself!

  5. My husband is a huge hunter! I am glad to know I am not the only one with antlers in my house. I had to teach him about moderation :)