Jan 3, 2011

barbara barry at jackson hole

i have long admired the way barbara barry 
creates warm, tailored interiors
that link traditional + modern.
in this home she designed in jackson hole, wyoming, 
she created a simple and clean yet very traditional interior 
with strong ties to the past, that still manages to 
come off as modern and rugged and elegant at the same time. 

see how the trim on the wall and the headboard line up?
that takes some serious planning and thought.
it's all in the details...
the touches of blue really make this room for me.
the fireplaces in this house are soooo simple, 
and yet so elegant and refined.
while the entire house has a very soothing, neutral color palette, 
the texture and simple details keep every room interesting.
barbara insists that she does not "decorate" rooms,
but instead "orchestrates sophisticated yet practical rooms,
keeping the focus on function."
(i love that quote.)
another simple + elegant fireplace.

windsor chairs have been around for centuries, 
and these look right at home here,
balanced with a clean lined table and sisal rug.

bravo ms. barry.
and, like i have said before, 
good thing i'm not the stalker type,
cuz she would be right up there at the top of my list 
as a potential stalkee.
architecture: peter block
photographs: david meredith
all images scanned from veranda by me.


  1. She is an amazing talent...can never get enough of her work! Janell

  2. LOVE her! Her own interior is a beautiful mix of dark woods, whites and silver accents...very GLAM. LOVE.

  3. Beautiful. By the way, I'm new to your blog and I just wanted to say I love visiting it!

  4. What wonderful, understated and slightly masculine design. But still it looks comfortable and lived in. Gorgeous!