Jan 25, 2011

summer dreamin'

i have to admit, that in the middle of january,
 i start to daydream about summer...
about strolling out the get the mail in my bare feet, 
eating outside on the patio and, of course, cookouts.
(am i the only one who is missing my grill?)
when csn contacted me and asked to to review a product,
i was very excited... 
it doesn't matter what you are in the market for
a pair of shoes, a laptop messenger bag
a decorator pillow, a light fixture or even a sofa. 
they have it all.
and since i have been daydreaming about being outside,
i thought i might get an early start on my 
outdoor entertaining with these:

i love the look of these thomas paul artifacts dinner plates
and since they are melamine, 
i don't have to worry about 
them breaking and shattering into a million pieces 
if i accidentally dropped them on my patio.

i also love the matching dessert plates.

would be a nice choice too.
several of my outdoor pillows are blue and white,
and these would go nicely, but i am
thinking i might be up for a change in color this year.
 those brown plates might look nice with
something like this....
is it just me, or does it feel a 
little bit warmer outside?


  1. I love the nautical plates. Stop by my blog for some summer we had yesterday in SoCal. Might make you even warmer. :)

  2. Es es and more yes on all these! The Grecian plates had me at hello ....

  3. Gorgeous melamine plates! I'll take em! I was almost feeling like it was spring ~ then it started to snow today. Bummer!

  4. A lot of Thomas Paul products have that warm weather feel to them. Have you ever watched Cougar Town, Courtney Cox's home has a lot of Thomas Paul fabrics peppered throughout, love it.

  5. You're not the only one ready for warm weather! Thanks for sharing, these definitely brought me a little taste of summer.

  6. It did feel warmer until the snow started up again! So good to see you today =) Love those pillows!!

  7. * I FEEL LUCKY!!! I "found" your INCREDIBLY WONDERFUL blog a while ago, quite by "chance", & have been BUSY "backreading" (sooo long now that you may start to "charge me rent"!!!)~~~ SERIOUSLY, I had trouble finding my way back to "today's posting", as I was so engrossed in reading & enjoying it all!!!

    Would LOVE to get E-mail notification for when you post but can't seem to find it, and I'm embarrassingly "computer illiterate"...I can SIGN UP for "Google", but actually have no idea HOW to really USE it to check blogs... (Oh, that's sooo embarrassing, but TRUE!)...

    Anyhoooo, am sending this on to my two married nieces... KNOW they will get SOOO MUCH out of it!!!

    THANK YOU for such a terriffic, detailed, fun and INCREDIBLY INFORMATIVE blog!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    Linda in AZ *

  8. Ahh yes, I am a summer girl. Love the outdoor grilling, going to the beach....thanks for the lift! The first photo was awesome. Ready for my porch weather.

  9. I am soooo a summer girl! And the weather right now, is just awful! We are neighbors! At least sort of! I'm in Bountiful....I'm not exactly sure where you are, but I recognize some of your scenery and places you frequent! :) LOVE your blog!