Jan 1, 2011


happy new year everyone!
i hope your new years day has been filled
with family, friends, good food and laughter.
todays's post has nothing to do with beautiful interiors,
but i thought i would post a picture of one anyway.
just cuz it does my soul a lot of good...
today i thought i would share some 
golden nuggets of wonderfulness
that i have found online in the last little while.
if you didn't already know, 
i LOVE to laugh.
my favorite comic of all time is this guy:
i heart jim gaffigan.
(and bacon)
one of the shows allen and i like to watch
is "last comic standing". when i saw this guys
routine, i laughed so hard i was crying.
if you want to see what made me laugh so hard, 
click here
that "pirate treasure" line gets me EVERY TIME
do you know who rhett and link are?
they are a couple of guys from north carolina,
who are hi---larious.
they make commercials for
small businesses all over the country,
but have also caught the eye of big 
corporations like mcdonalds,
who recently recruited them for a commercial.
here are two of my favorite
small local business commercials by
rhett and link: 

my husband loves the cullman liquidators commercial
because cullman, alabama is right next door to hartselle, 
where my husband  grew up.
if you liked those rhett and link commercials,
be sure to check out their singing taco bell drive through order
and their donut commercial.
both very funny.
3 more things that make me laugh:

1. if you have not checked out
catalog living, you need to right now.
for real.
2. if you've got kids, you'll really
appreciate the following video...
and if you don't...
well, check out what you 
have to look forward to:
"don't punch...our car."
so funny!
and, last but not least:
3. i promise you'll never look at
rainbows that same after watching this:

happy new year!
even if your day wasn't filled with
food and family and friends,
at least it could be filled with laughter!


  1. We had lots of family and laughs today...thanks for your good cheer!
    Mary Ann

  2. Thanks for the laugh! Hysterical... especially the catalog living site.

  3. Jim Gaffigan,kid history and the double rainbow had me laughing my a%^ off!! Thanks for the laughs!