Jan 13, 2011

wisteria wallpaper

yesterday, i went here and
saw some gorgeous wallpapers.
but one in particular really had an impact on me...
it's called "wisteria" by cole & sons.
i am in love with the colors.
i think it would look so beautiful 
on the ceiling of a powder room.
it's also available in these colors:
aren't these colors amazing?
can you imagine any of these in a master bedroom,
on the wall behind the headboard?
or in a dining room,
above some pretty wainscoting?
major impact.


  1. That first one is perfection! Great find, thanks for sharing!

  2. So pretty and completely elegant! I am delighted to have just found your charming blog!

  3. The yellow & grey version is spectacular. I would kill for a few rolls right now...


  4. Love the first one!!! Thanks for all the great design ideas you pass on!

  5. i love that store, it is amazing! Are you going to buy some?

  6. That's so funny. I just got the first sample this week, thinking of framing a large piece for my living room redesign!