Jan 6, 2011

the foundary

another invite-only discount shopping source 
just got brought to my attention.
it's called 
here's a peek at what you will 
find there today:

this "recycled" mirror--only $35.
this chair is only $105!
that's better than overtstock prices.
i'm sure the shipping is more that overstock', but still,
that's a heck of a deal. this chair has nice, clean 
lines...it would look great painted and with
 a fabulous pillow thrown on it.)it is also 
available in a few other colors.

thanks jen!
you can sign up here


  1. Hi Autumn, I love your column. I have lots to say, but I will save it for later. For now I wanted to see if you would like to add "320 Sycamore" to your list. A fun blog with great bargain hunting hints at our all-time favorite store (for example) Target. I do have questions for you regarding a master bath you described. We are doing ours and I just wanted to know more about the tiles you chose. I want ours to look EXACTLY like yours. It was perfect! I read all your entries and loved your nut garland. Also appreciate your comments about your "difficult year". We all have different situations but for some reason I think we can all relate to when the unexpected happens and changes our lives around. Thanks for sharing. Sorry I have not commented before.

  2. l.uhm.

    thanks for the encouraging words! i really appreciate them.
    as for the master bathroom, email me at autumnclemons@yahoo.com and i will get you any info you need!

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  4. The Foundry rocks! Hayneedle is headquartered where I live, and they have invitation-only warehouse sales a couple of times a year. It's full of returns, overstocks and some damaged stuff for WAY CHEAP. I've picked up $300 bar stools for $10 each (nothing wrong with them), a copper fire pit (missing a part, but my hubby is handy) for $50 and a 10" Dobsonian telescope for $100! And that's just for starters!

  5. wendy,
    know you are making me want to move to where you live! i love saving money--especially on awesome stuff.