Jan 28, 2011

rugs, rugs, rugs

when designing a room, one of the 
larger expenses can be a rug,
and so i get pretty excited when i find a place where 
great style + 
affordable prices collide.
i have always known that world market carries rugs,
but they have really improved their inventory lately.
i was thrilled to see all of their lovely choices:

 i will for sure be using some of these 
in future projects!


  1. Oooohh! Lovely! The brown lattice rug belongs in my living room (but only after we put hard wood floors down in order to get rid of the hideous Vegas airport carpet the previous owners put it in RIGHT before we bought the place)... I'm printing the lattice rug picture off right now and putting in my Pet Project binder!
    Now, how can I convince the dogs and child in the house to ruin the (unfortunately "new") carpets in order to get rid of them quicker?! =o)

  2. Wish there was a store in my area, these are great.

  3. I love World Market! I just wish we had one in Bountiful! :) I didn't realize they had such great rugs!

  4. These are all wonderful choices and so current. Love a current design trend at a great price, thanks for the heads-up!! Kathysue

  5. Love this tip!! Thank you for sharing :)

  6. On my way to World Market... love all of these! I had no idea. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I agree, World Market has the best rugs at an affordable price. These are great!

  8. I think my favorite is the second to last one!

    I just started shopping there last year, and now I always think of them when I'm looking for rugs. Good value.


  9. The giraffe tufted wool rug will more likely out stand others. It’s very unique and has stronger color which makes it more appealing like my boss’ carpet in her town house in Indianapolis. But when it comes to cleaning this one needs smooth care to avoid colors from fading.