Jan 10, 2011


i recently used a mirror that i found at qvc 
for a local project, and liked it so much
that i recommend that cally use it in her study.
at 38" inches in diameter, it has
huge impact for it's $63 price tag.
yep, $63.
(one of my readers, ashley, notified me that she
found the same mirror at hobby lobby.)
i JUST spotted the EXACT same mirror
on the williams sonoma website 
for $250. (on sale from $350.)
they have even used the SAME picture...

strangely enough, it is no longer 
available at qvc.


  1. Oh! Good find!! I love a great bargain, and such a pretty one at that. =)

  2. Oh it is gorgeous...and it has lucky circles and rings around.
    Nice way to start the year:)

  3. I saw the Hobby Lobby version last week and thought that with a little tweak to the finish it could look fabulous.

  4. I agree with Karen. I would give it a brass finish and it would be fabulous!

  5. Drat! I went to buy it last week and it was gone gone gone. I cried a little. So now I'm going to Hobby Lobby. crossing my fingers...