Jan 17, 2011

design plan: charlottes room

when we finally find house #6, 
one of the first rooms i am going to work on is my
9 year old daughter charlottes room. 
everything in her room right now was 
"leftover" from house #2, when olivia and
charlotte were sharing a room. it's "cute",
but she wants something new, and so do i.
i have been going back and forth on what 
to do, but when my grandma gave me this
paint by numbers that she did in 1962
i knew i had my inspiration.
aren't the colors great?
i love the taupey greys + the white +
shrimpy/salmony pinkish-oranges + 
the little doses of yellow. 
i think the colors are fun enough for a
kids room, but still really sophisticated.
my grandma gave me the above painting,
and the one with the roses (below)to my sweet
sister in law, nicole. i have
been hunting for a duplicate so i could
have a coordinating pair, and just 
found one on etsy. yay!

here is what i am considering:

to see more of the "stuff" my grandma gave to

me, click here. it's actually pretty funny...

damask bedding-target
orange linen-denver fabrics
alexis ceramic table lamp/sundrop yellow-pottery barn
vintage bamboo nightstand-ebay
pagoda headboard-wisteria (no longer available)
quadrille- flora background/shrimp on tint
quadrille- persepolis/melon/camel on cream
joel dewberry- herringbone/maple
premier prints- cadence/corn yellow/linen
multi color tassel fringe-ls fabrics 
flat trim gimp-ls fabrics
mini arch top lantern-circa lighting
oval convex sunburst mirror-shop ten25 

i am going to attempt to make the head boards
 myself from fence boards.
i saw a finish on a headboard at the sundance
catalog outlet that i might try to copy.
several of these items are REALLY expensive,
(like the mirror and the light fixture...
and i am pretty sure that quadrille 
has a 5 yard minimim and that the fabrics 
are at least $100 a yard. yikes!
but now that i have a basic plan and some
 inspiration, i can start hunting at thrift
 stores, ebay and local consignment stores 
for look-alikes to my expensive pieces.
i have no idea when we will find house #6,
but i am going to have a great time 
planning a few rooms until then!

interested in working together to make your space 

more functional and beautiful?
e-mail me at autumnclemons@yahoo.com.


  1. So cool that you have inspiration from your grandmother's lovely painting. I want Charlotte's new room! Our guest room (used to be our out of the nest daughter's room) came from a shell mirror that we bought together when we live in Florida...works now that we live in Calif.
    Mary Ann

  2. PS The colors are sort of similar to Charlotte's.

  3. I wish that my room was so sophisticated as a 9 yr old! I love the feminine feel but nothing overly girlie. It will grow with her. And like Classic Casual Home, I agree that its really nice that its your grandmothers painting. I cant wait to see how it turns out!

  4. Gorgeous Autumn! I can't wait to see how it all turns out! I've been thinking of the great advice you gave me for Avery's room and the wheels are turning.....

  5. I would happily live in this room! Love that headboard--wish it was still available. If you make one, you must show us how!