Jan 12, 2011

overstock report

if you have been following my blog for a while,
you know that i 
really appreciate overstock.com.
(along with a WHOLE lot of other designers) 
they have a great selection,
and the prices are amazing. 
and you can't beat that $2.95 shipping!
i have been working with a local client on two rooms in her home,
 a living room, and her 6 year old daughter room
she wanted everything to be done on a pretty tight budget,
and so of course i turned  to overstock to look for a few pieces.
our first purchase was the 
this chair is really great!
great quality for the price.
in person, it is a little darker than it appears online.
i would call it a soft oyster color.
still very neutral, but leaning more toward grey than cream or camel.
the nailhead trim is gorgeous!
i love the front feet as well.
(on a side note---can you believe
that this picture was taken with my iphone 4? 
and all the pics in this post, actually.
this thing rocks!)
in my clients daughters room, we purchased the somerset pull up chair.
$100 more, including shipping!)
now, i read the reviews before i bought this chair, 
and so i knew it was small.
i was HOPING it was the prefect size for a 6 year old...
and it is!
if you bought this chair for a "regular" room, 
i think you would laugh at it's tininess! 
but it IS really DARLING.
(kinda weird that ours came with black feet,
and online it is shown with wood feet. it doesn't
really matter...we will be painting ours...)
it is perfect for a kids room.
 i recently bought this rug for my own home, 
and have been really happy with it.
and yes, it is more blue than it looks online.
i would call it a "slate blue".
it's a beautiful color that looks fabulous with warm neutrals,
 but if you are looking for a neutral/gray rug, 
then this is probably not the one for you.
**READ the reviews! that's the biggest tip i 
can give you when ordering from overstock!
they are usually very accurate.
it is a thick, nice feeling rug, and yes, it sheds.
most every new rug does.
the chandelier, wall sconce and rug 
were also purchased from overstock!
we were thrilled with every item!
have you ordered something from overstock
that you LOVE?


  1. Yup...I just bought these http://www.amazon.com/Birch-Sapling-Plastic-Accent-Dining/dp/B003ZSH8L8 from them. LOVE!!!

  2. You know I love me some overstock too! XOXO

  3. Thanks for posting pictures of the rug! I'm a fan. I'll have the husband pull the trigger and I'll be unrolling it for my birthday!

  4. I just bought a bed and it is perfect! I love the rug you posted!

  5. i would love to see more pictures of that rug in your home setting!

  6. Great to see those rugs in a room as I've been searching overstock.
    FYI-Rugs that are listed as hand tufted will shed the most and get worse overtime, knotted or woven won't shed near as much.