Jan 24, 2011


so, i ended up falling in love with
"providence blue 1636"
i loved it on the walls in my room, and really
fell in love when i saw the above image which i found here.
i knew i wanted something blue and
moody and a little "washed out" looking,
and dark...but not TOO dark.
i had a few requests for "before" pictures of this 
bedroom turned office and now on it's way to
a relaxing den...
 are you madly in love with the mauve wallpaper??
yeah, i thought so.
 i was totally prepared for HOURS of scraping and peeling, 
but the wallpaper 
LITERALLY came off in sheets! i could hardly believe my luck.
it was actually FUN to rip off.
 the kiddos thought it was almost
as much fun as i did...
 and here is the wall on it's way to being finished.
so, i wouldn't say that i am a BIG fan of "faux" finishes,
but i knew that this room needed it.
because maybe although the wallpaper came off really easily 
there might have possibly been a lot 
of wallpaper paste left behind that possibly
 maybe i didn't really kinda feel like probably spending
the next 5 days of my life scraping off from the walls. 
so maybe i kinda came up with this
faux finish to possibly maybe disguise the
texture of the wallpaper paste and
save myself from like 200 hours of scraping.
don't judge.
  i used a technique that i have used before...
it is the easiest thing in the world.
you just take a wallpaper paste brush,
and make a cross-hatch pattern across the wall. 
 since i already had a quart of
"knoxville gray" and "blue spruce",
i just mixed them together with a small
amount of glazing medium and got  to work,
applying several coats on top of the "providence" blue.
 i LOVE the way the finished wall looks!
it has this kind of dark denim look
which will look great with the
other items that will go in the room.
one of those items is this woven bamboo
blind that i bought at kmart for $10.
i have been lugging it around with me 
for several years, and it just happens to
fit the one window in this room.
this lamp is also one of those items.
 i have big plans for this $3 thrift store lamp
 which i will share soon....
the plan involves some gold leaf,
a trip to the lamp repair store to cut down the
throat and an anthopologie inspired lampshade makeover.
i hope it turns out as fabulous as i want it to!


  1. Yay! Looks really good. I like that painting technique too - not really so over the top. Amazing change already!

  2. Oh! I bet this will look fabulous when you're done! I love a dramatic dark-ish room!

  3. It's definitely on it's way to fabulousity (is that a word?)! It's a beautiful color, and the painting technique gives it dimension but it doesn't look too faux finishey. And how lucky are you that the wallpaper came off so easily? Looking forward to following the transformaton. Happy Monday!

  4. It's looking fabulous - the walls look so great. I'm excited to follow this project! :)

  5. I'm loving the bamboo contrast to the walls! Perfect! Fabulous progress ;).

  6. You were a lucky girl with that wallpaper! Looks just great and can't wait to see the finish!

  7. I'm sure it will. Gotta love a cheap, but nice lamp.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  8. I love the blue and subtle texture that you did. I have thought about trying this linen or jean look in one of the rooms in my house. Might have to give it a shot.

  9. I adore your finish and color, very sophisticated and modern! NOT like faux finishes of the past! Janell

  10. OMG. I am totally shocked by the wall treatment. As I was looking at the pictures I realized my mouth was open!! I am not a huge fan of wall treatments(I inherited one in my dining room that I really don't like), but that color and technique looks amazing in your room! well done. I can't wait to see the finished product. M.

  11. The color and technique are truly wonderful! I can't wait to see all your furniture and accessories in there!