Jan 19, 2011

subtle color

my kids have been out of school 
for the last two days.
i love having them home, but it is so hard to get anything
done! by yesterday afternoon, i was a bit frazzled. 
there had been a few "accidental" kickings, 
(how does THAT happen, i always ask my kids? 
you "accidentally" kicked your sister in the back? 
hmmm....do i look like i was born yesterday?) 
some crying, 
and quite a lot of teasing.
by 3pm, i just wanted to take a nap.
instead, i got to do something even better.
what's better than a nap, you ask?
curling up in my bed with my new copy of 
there were some lovely images of course,
but i haven't had the mental strength to whip
out the scanner and get busy. 
so instead, i grabbed some pretty images from 
their site of a home that i thought was so fresh and pretty.
i love the pops of subtle color...
the melon, soft jade green and muted yellow,
as well as the layers of detail
that add so much to each room.
 nailhead trim around trim?
yes please!
 the soft jade green and melon accents in this otherwise
neutral space are so pretty.
 love that ottoman,
and the orchid arrangement.
this room is so elegant.
 a pretty, classic room.
i really like the tone of the hardwood floors...
not too dark, and not too light.
 just look at the details on those pillows!
and what a cool nightstand.
 this is my favorite image from this spread.
i LOVE the lucite chair mixed with
the antique desk and the beautiful collage on the wall.
SO pretty.
this reminds me a little bit of chloe sevingy's famous 
imperial trellis entry,
this trellis still has some major impact, 
but is much more subtle.
i love the lantern and the trim on the window treatments.
looking at beautiful spaces always relaxes me!
(and yes, the kids continued to fight and
tease, but at least there were no more 
accidental kickings.)


  1. Love the nailhead trim! Striking! And the trellis pattern! Love it!

  2. That trim is amazing! Thanks for some eye candy on this bitterly cold day in IL! My kids have a 3 day week...what is up with that?! :)

  3. Loved how you described your kids, fighting. It is classic sibling fighting, love how you put it. These rooms are amazing. Not over done and yet so elegant and fun.

  4. Oooh, the nailhead trim looks interesting. We have "accidental" kicking in my house too...I feel your pain!

  5. oh autumn - i am perplexed. I have a home full of color and then i look at beautiful spreads like these and wonder if i should go this direction. I can't....ever....really... decide!!!!!

    ps i have no idea what you are talking about with kids fighting whist trapped inside on frigid cold miserable days. no idea at all.

  6. Please visit my blog on Friday, I'm passing on an award to you :)

  7. things i loved:
    -the nailhead trim (i wonder how it reads in person?)
    -the coffee table (so delicate)
    -THAT chair

    the doors were nice, too.