Feb 8, 2010

7 random things i love: day 1

i love:
my kitchen aid mix-master.
i received it as a wedding gift,
and i use it all the time.

i have the classic white one.
but i think this blue one is fun.
hmmm...wouldn't mind having either of these kitchens
to go with my mixer...


  1. I love my mixer, too. I bake so much more now! (I got grey so that should my kitchen colors change I don't have to get a new mixer).

  2. Agreed! And both those kitchens look absolutely delicious!

  3. I am dreaming of the day when I can have one. I love all the colors.

  4. I love the thought of designing a kitchen to go with a fave appliance! I mean we dress to go with a fave shoe, necklace, scarf, why not do the same with our rooms?

  5. i was gonna say...is this your kitchen??! jealous!
    love this kitchen aid mixer - who doesn't?

  6. I've been wanting a Kitchen Aid mixer for ages... a red one!! Every time I get close (Xmas, birthday, whim) I find something else I need/want. I need to get my priorities straight!! HaHa!!

    We'd love to have to drop in to DesignTies... We're having a fantastic Valentine's giveaway that you should enter!

  7. *sigh*

    I asked for the turquoise one for Christmas, and got a chrome Sunbeam instead. Errr.... not quite the same, yanno? hahaha

  8. That blue is fun--I haven't seen that before.