Feb 3, 2010


yes, another wonderful anniversary trip...
if you have never been to savannah, 
you are missing out on some
serious gorgeousness.
look at this cornice!
sooo pretty.
i swear, i could stare at it for hours.

one of the many squares in savannah.
each one has a statue or 
fountain in the middle,
and is surrounded by live oak trees.

it was so interesting to see these little
plants growing out of the side of this wall...

loved the colors in this picture.
beautiful, traditional 
architecture is everywhere,
and the wrought iron work 
and spanish moss dripping
from the trees make 
this city a must-see.

one of the lovely bridges.

i'm a sucker for brick walkways.
i especially love this pattern

so many layers of history.

isn't this brick wall covered with ivy 


a beautiful old door.
i wonder how many people have walked
through this door over the years?
(don't you think things like
that when you see something old?)

here, you can see the 
oyster shell tabby
which is is a concrete 
made from lime, sand and oyster shells.
it has a beautiful patina to it.

allen and i went on a drive outside of savannah, and 
found this beautiful development.
i love, love the lattice 
detail in this brick wall.

i would love to have a beautiful courtyard,
with a wall that looks just like this.
(just outside my kitchen, with a garden filled with herbs)

if you live here,
and i mean that in the 
nicest possible way.

remember this beauty?
love the look of this house...the brick color,
the metal roof, the entry, the dormers...
just dreamy.

the eliza thompson house.
we stayed here on our trip.
great location.
you can read my tripadvisor review here


  1. Beautiful pics. It reminds me of Charleston, SC.

  2. wow. great pictures. nothing like the "old south" for a charming trip or anniversary. ;)
    lucky you.

  3. I concur with the "If you live here I hate you" sentiment. I used to live in a crummy apartment in a lovely neighborhood. I would go for walks in the blistering summer heat just so I could relish every last moment of all my dream homes. Although the best house seemed to be a cops house...and I was never quite brave enough to sneak a picture!

  4. Great photos of your trip--I wish mine had come out better when I was there! Thankfully I have a new(er) camera now, so I'm looking forward to taking great shots to put up around the house.

  5. Beautiful! I keep telling my husband if he wants to move us South, I'll pack my bags and go!! Thanks for the beautiful tour of pictures!!

  6. I went to school here and your photos make me miss it. I so want to take my husband back since he didn't get to see it. Add that to the list of places to go.

    I love, love, love your blog by the way!

  7. Oh how I love Savannah! Just moved from there 2 years ago. A blessed resident for 8 years and never got tired of taking in all that beauty downtown. My hubby proposed in front of the fountain at Forsythe Park. So you might say, my heart is in Savannah!