Feb 15, 2010

house #2

as you may know, my husband and i have
built 2 homes
and remodeled 3.
we built house #1 just two years out of college.
you can see a glimpse of it here
this is house #2:

we finished construction on this house 
in the fall of 2003,

just three months before baby #3 was due.the exterior of this house is called
"rice grain" by sherwin williams.
the shutters and doors are
"urbane bronze".
i don't have ANY pictures of it while 

WE were living in it.
we had a "computer malfunction" that caused us to 
lose about 
two years worth of pictures.
i'm still sick over it.
but, as luck would have it, a super nice couple,
bought it from the people we sold it to...
 then, she, and her husband
hired  me to do some design work,
and we have been good 
friends ever since.
small world.
anyway, since i don't have any pictures
of the house while we were living in it, 
i asked my friend to take 
some pictures 
of the inside of 
the/her house for me,
and she agreed.
*i will be posting those tomorrow.*

this is the floor plan that we started with.
it is called the "new albany"
by frank betz
i love frank betz plans.
both personal homes that we built were 
frank betz plans, as well as most of the
spec and several of the custom homes we built.
but, as you can probably tell from the exterior shot above, 
we had the floor plan flipped, so it would
work better on our lot.
so,the floor plan looked a little like this:
 after that, we "tweaked" it a bit.
added two feet here, and 4 feet there,
an additional garage stall
several built-ins
an outdoor fireplace,
and 2 sets of stairs:
one for the finished basement, and
another leading to 1200 sf of
unfinished space upstairs.
we also changed the laundry room,
(we quadrupled it's size, and added a window),
made the back bathroom a "jack and jill" bathroom,
changed the breakfast area,
and changed the location of several windows.

below is another photo of this same floorplan,
(unchanged this time) 
that we built as a spec house.
the exterior paint is
"magnolia white", by sherwin williams.
it's one of the prettiest, 

softest whites i've ever seen 
on the exterior of a home.
every time we would drive by it,
i would sigh. it was just that pretty.
*pictures of the inside of this home will
be posted tomorrow!*


  1. I love this style of home! I'll be looking forward to your next post.

    Talk to you soon ;)
    Bunny Jean

  2. wow, that is so pretty!! i love the changes you made, they seem to really enhance the home and get the most out of it! can't wait for tomorrow's pics.

  3. You are seriously my hero! I love all you do. Isn't rearranging floor plans exciting?! I cannot wait to see the interior shots!

    My heart is broken for you that you lost those other images, I understand... we forgot to take so many pictures of our first and second houses, but what is worst would be losing the family pictures! Sorry!

  4. I loved this house. I have a couple of pictures of the kitchen and dining room, but no detail shots. I am so sorry you lost all those pictures. We have done that a couple of times.

  5. I've had 2 computers crash and it really does suck. HARD. I completely understand when you say it's still upsetting, because I feel the same way. It's been 3 years since the first time, but I lost years and years of photos. Boo.

    I love that you guys are always building and moving! There's something about discussing layout and built-ins and finishes that I love. I've decided to enter a residential construction program (after I finish one for interiors) since it's always been one of my loves (I'm super excited). Anyhow, I love these homes, especially the one where you flipped the floorplan. That plan is one of my favorites for a ranch style home (which I don't see much of here in Atlanta), and I love the additions you made to the plan.

  6. i'll be interested to see how it all turns out. hope you have a lovely week!

    xo urban flea :)