Feb 16, 2010

house #2: continued

welcome to
house #2:
i loved the front steps of this house.
once again, none of the pictures of the inside of this 
house are from the time we were living in it. 
the current owner waskind enough to take 
some shots so i could share them with you!
thank you jamie!
i painted those stripes on the fireplace bump-out when
i was 8 months pregnant.
(my husband about killed me when he got home from work!)
the wall color is called "cardboard", 
(by sherwin williams--all colors in this 
home are from sherwin-williams)
and the stripes are done in a 
clear gloss on top of the wall color.
(we also installed an outlet ON TOP of the mantle---
great for lamps or christmas decorations!)
the curtains are burlap!
when i brought the roll of burlap to my
seamstress, she was a little skeptical, but afterward, she
had a new-found confidence in burlap.
the tops are done in a simple pinch pleat.
i hung the curtain rods all the 
way to the crown 
because i really wanted to 
emphasize the height of 
the ceilings. (12 feet)
i felt that if i hung the curtains right above the window,
or in between the window and the ceiling, that it would
detract from the vertical line of the fireplace wall.
i loved the way the subway tile 
around the fireplace
sparkles as you moved around the room.
and do you notice the 
walnut/maple border inlay 
in the floor?
that was my husbands design.
i loved these transoms.
 they really added a lot of character to the house.
kitchen cabinets are by
kraft maid.
probably my two favorite features of this kitchen
are the pull-out double trash cans,
and the central-vac toe-kick pan.
i'm a sucker for function!
ahhh...the breakfast room built-in.
the original plan features a small built-in
 along the "short" wall of the breakfast room. 
we designed this built-in,
 added the window seat,
and changed the location of the door.
we also added several other built-ins in the house.
we love built-ins!
having a built-in near the kitchen is wonderful for extra storage!
we designed the built-ins the be 
connected on top with the eyebrow arch. 
the london shade gives a little softness
to the straight lines of the built-ins.
the backs of the bookcases are covered with  bead board.
i love the light fixture. 
it is by "progress lighting", but i
believe it has been discontinued.
this is the built-in in the hallway
between the two bedrooms.
you can never have too much storage--
especially if it looks like this!looking towards the front entry.

this is what it looked like when my
friend moved in.
(she has made a few changes since she moved in--
this is what it looks like now)

here you can see a little bit of the original curtains in the dining room--
they were a thick linen-like 
fabric with a 2" wide 
black band on the 
leading edge and bottom. 
the tops were done in a goblet pleat.
 the "original" paint colors in the dining room:
the ceiling was "cardboard"
(same as the walls in the entry/family room)
and the walls were "rainwashed" 
with a glaze of "contented"  on top.
the original curtains were this
amazing chartreuse silk.
the wainscoting was installed at about 48".
(and that is my friends darling daughter, striking a pose!)
all trim in this house is 
"antique white"
(by sherwin williams)
here is what my friend has done with the dining room
since she has been living in it:

she took my recommendation and 
painted the walls black!
she also replaced the curtains,
and painted the ceiling.

this is the back hallway of the house--
the view you see as you walk in from the garage.
isn't that mirror great?
the wall color is "whole wheat"
this is the "boot bench" that i designed 
for the back hall.
in the top open shelf of the "tower", are 
several outlets for charging
cellphones, ipods, etc. 
it was probably my favorite thing 
about this house!
a quick peek at the laundry room.
it was nice and large, and got plenty
of light from the oval window.
wall color is "rainwashed"

the outdoor fireplace.
it backs up to the one inside the house.
another stained glass window
adds privacy, yet allows light in the master bath.
(fixtures are the "victorian" collection by delta
in oil rubbed bronze)
this is the powder room.
i always try to have fun 
in powder rooms. 
i think they are the
perfect canvas to try something new.
sorry i don't have better pictures.
the floor is actually the same walnut/maple checkerboard
that we used in both the symphony house living room,
and the foyer in house #5.

as you can see, the walls and crown molding are painted a 
chocolate brown color, and then
a glaze just a tiny bit lighter was applied on top.
the wallpaper is from waverly. 
the vintage light fixture was purchased 
off ebay, and the beaded shades are a dark brown.
when we owned the house, i had my 
oval venetian mirror in here. 
you can see a picture of that mirror here
i hope you enjoyed the tour!


  1. Thanks so much! I feel like I just walked through a parade of homes feature house. You're so talented.

    Tell me, with wainscoting at 48inches high - how tall were the ceilings. We're about to put Wainscoting in our bathroom and I can't seem to find any design rules//eye-pleasing-proportion rules. Any recommendations?

  2. So many beautiful details here (I love a thoughtful builder!). I LOVE transoms, love the central vac, love the built-ins, designated trash space, inlayed floor, outdoor fireplace, shimmery subway tile, and the outlets near the (back?) door. The exterior paint is beautiful as well! Um, I think I need to come work with you guys . . .

  3. Just beautiful down to the last detail. Such well thought out space. I know the current owners are loving it.
    ♥ Joy

  4. So many beautiful things - I don't even know where to begin. I love the built-ins, the recharging station, the round mirror in the hall, the wallpapered ceiling in the powder room. Love the details. Thanks for the tour.

  5. Autumn, I can pick out your style throughout the house. Wouldn't it be a joy to move into a house that is so gorgeous? Beautiful! I wish you were my neighbor, but honestly, this is the next best thing, huh?

  6. Autumn,
    Absolutely gorgeous! You and your husband are very talented. Love it. NG

  7. You and your husband are an incredibly talented team, I hope you have the opportunity to resume this work soon, (if you haven't already)! Janell

  8. the ceilings in the family room and entry were 12 feet high, and the ceilings in the rest of main floor were 9 feet.
    i really don't have any "rules" for how high to install wainscoting. i usually just "eyeball" where is think it would look good. however, i usually like it to be a little on the "taller" side. also, i usually try to avoid running it at the exact height of the light switches.

  9. Lots of storage and function here! I LOVE the built in the hall between the bedrooms....it reminds me of an old butler's pantry.

    Warm blessings,