Feb 11, 2010

7 random things i love: day 4

a great sunset.
is there anything better than watching 
the sunset over the ocean?

peace. traquility. perfection.

most of the sunsets i have seen in the past 15 years looked 
a lot like this...
or this.
but now, i get to enjoy beauties like this.
i think the ocean sunsets may have 
a little competition...


  1. oooh, that is FABULOUS. i love city views. so much more interesting than the ocean at night...

    (hey, i told you how much i love that coat, right? okay, i'll shut up about it now.)


  2. thank you kelly!
    and i agree--once the sun is DOWN, city views are better than staring at a dark ocean. i am totally jealous that you are just a stones throw away from beautiful ocean views everyday!

  3. I love sunsets as well. We often see spectacular ones at the cottage, since it faces west, and we take photos of it. After we go home we look back at the orange sunset night, the pink sunset, the red sunset - funny how they are all different. I love the photos you have posted.