Feb 23, 2010

metal garland

i tore this page from domino magazine a few years back.
i loved the look of that metal garland!
i would love to have about 10 of these 
to decorate my christmas tree.
available in 28 finishes,
including these:

available at 


  1. Autumn, I love this ivy ALMOST as much as I love my I-Phone -- You heard me right. With a little push from you, I picked up my phone today, and you're right. I absolutely LOVE it. I can't believe everything that it can do. I've had it only for a few hours, but live in fear that I will drop it (haha). So thanks for you LOVE posts. It gave me a new wonderful toy

  2. yea! way to go jan!
    seriously, i am so glad you like it... isn't is the best?!
    oh, and i drop mine all the time--in fact, i have dropped it twice in the last week, and it still works perfectly.
    ah...true love.