Feb 2, 2010

for some girls...

it's this...

for others, this...
for me,
(and, i'm pretty sure, YOU!)
it's this...
not that i collect them,
or think i need a new one every season,
or think i 
can't have too many...
it's just that they
 make my heart go pitter-pat.
this dreamy home lives on the intercoastal waterway
outside of savannah georgia. i'll be posting 
more pictures of savannah tomorrow.
photos from louis vuitton and here


  1. Oh... I feel the same way, I am still dreaming about the Home Alone house you posted... with all the trees in the spring! Happiness!

    I am so sad we never made it to Savannah. But by golly, we will... someday!

  2. i'd give up all my shoes and purses for that house!!

  3. I'll take 3 of each, please. And a bowl of ice cream on the side.


  4. Gorgeous house.... indeed, it makes my heart race too. But I have to admit - those are awesome green shoes! ;)

  5. Yeah, my problem is I love all 3! :)

  6. I love all 3, and I really love Savannah! Ahh, I stayed at the best b&b a 2 years ago and it's still on my mind! I plan on heading back down before it gets too hot. Can't wait to see what you post.