Feb 24, 2010

bed canopies

enjoy the fruits of my scanning labors!
beautiful color. love the banding.

very intrigued by the detailing on this one.

black + white+ chartreuse?
yes, please!

elegant and simple.


light and breezy.
check out the bamboo trim on the walls.

love the contrast of these two fabrics.

the wall color is divine.

fun--and an easy diy.

i don't know where this is,
but i want to go on vacation here!

a easy project with two curtain rods.

simple and easy on the fabric.

wow. love these.
the color palette is incredible.
love, love love.

simple, tailored and sophisticated.

crisp and elegant.

dreamy..and would be easy to pull
off with some gold painted crown.

interesting shape.

loving the layers.

traditional and sweet.


  1. I used to want a canopy bed SO bad. especially in middle/high school. i remember trying to make one, and it didn't go so well.

    i love the one with the black liner. it looks fresh from the outside, but reminds me of a hotel from the inside. great images. i appreciate your scanning work. :)

  2. I love that first one. I would love to have a canopy bed. So beautiful.

  3. Great post one for the files loads of wonderful ideas!