Feb 22, 2010


i have my heart set on having
a banquette in our next home.
here are a few i love:
i love all the white, mixed with 
doses of yellow. and those chairs are great too!

i love the size of this one,
and all the windows!
(and i love the pendants over the island.)

oh my goodness.
this one is just perfect.
 this one is so cozy looking,
and the bulletin board behind it is 
a ton of fun...loving the storage above also.
this one is fabulous.
love the tufted bench, the great lights,
and the dose of color on the back of the shelves.
such a generous space,
and the light coming in from 
all those windows is divine!

simple and beautiful.


  1. I second your desire to have one one your next home.

    What I love about the images you've included (which are all wonderful) is that a couple of them show homeowners you don't need to have the existing architecture to use a banquet.

    I've considered doing a banquet in my kitchen eating area along a boring wall but finally firmed up the alternative...a Louis style bench. That way when we sell I get to take it with me!


  2. damn...no 'edit' button. Above should read banquette.

    Je suis désolé!

  3. I agree that the third one is perfect. I've never really desired a banquette. But now that you want one, I'll be wanting one too (haha)!

  4. I love banquettes, too, especially when under (or close to) a large window. Makes me think of croissants, fresh fruit, and a newspaper in the morning.

  5. Adore the one with the bulletin board! So super cute and chic - and family friendly!

  6. lovely images and post as always. hope you have a wonderful week my dear! cheers!

    xo urban flea