Feb 4, 2010

concrete ideas

i ran across these concrete tables 
while doing some research for a project, 
and thought they were lovely.
these would look so fun outside.

i love the look of this.
if i had a beach house, i would love to have a
table like this in it. sadly, i will never have a beach house,
but i like to decorate my fictional homes in my head.
(i also have a high-rise condo in a big city,
and a tiny stone cottage in the mountains.)
they are both stunning.
(in my head, of course!

simple and lovely.

i really liked the mix of the hard smooth concrete
with the organic branch.


  1. love those! i think the round ones would make great outdoor seating.

  2. LOVE. and a beach house for that table? yes, please.

    i had andrew dig a stump that is the shape of those first stools out of a garbage bin a few months ago. he almost killed me over it, but it was sooo worth it. still deciding what i'm going to do with it, but i had something very close to those in mind.


    p.s. how's the househunting going?

  3. Oh, those are gorgeous. But how on earth would you get to move your furniture around on a whim?!?! Hehehe!

  4. I have those fictional homes/cottages in my head as well - it is very therapeutic to have such a good imagination, isn't it.

  5. kelly,
    i would love to see what you do with your stump. i hope you post about it!
    and the househunting is on hold---my husband had a super busy month at work, and we are waiting for thing to ease up a bit.

    i am so glad that i am not the only one that decorates fake houses in my head!
    you are right though--it IS very therapeutic!