Feb 9, 2010

7 random things i love: day 2

fresh water pearl
oh, yes,
i have quite a collection going.
i have purchased most of them on ebay 
(direct from china) or from tj maxx. 
(tj maxx has some great deals on pearls!)

my favorite is a double-strand white one.
the more irregular and misshapen they are,
the more i like them.


  1. beautiful!
    my birtstone is pearl so i am really partial to them! you have quite a collection!!

  2. i love pearls, too. my hubby got me a gorgeous strand for one of our anniversaries.

  3. beautiful, and i love the framing of these shots

  4. The pearls are beautiful. I know very little about them, however. I don't think I would be able to trust myself to purchase them since I don't know the difference between a good pearl and a bad pearl.

  5. Those are beautiful. I have white pearls myself and feel very elegant when I wear them. Hubby gave them to me for our 25th anniversary. I have seen pearls in other colours but I don't have any myself. Just curious, but how do you know you are getting real pearls not fakes? Do you find the black and pinky-orange ones feel more casual when you wear them?

  6. grace,
    what a great question about how to tell if you are buying real pearls! i have a little trick that i use if i am not certain from just looking at the pearls...if you rub REAL pearls against the edges of your teeth, it will feel "gritty". if the pearls are FAKE/PLASTIC, they will feel smooth!
    and yes, i do find that the "other" color pearls seem a little more casual than the white. most of the black pearls i have are multiple strand necklaces, with pearls in various sizes and shapes, and i think that tends to give a slightly less formal feel.

  7. jan,

    i don't think there are any "bad" pearls---the only bad pearls are the ones i can't afford!
    hee. hee.
    actually, usually, the more "rough" freshwater pearls are much cheaper than the perfectly shaped cultured ones. but i actually prefer the more misshapen pearls over the smooth & perfect ones! i think they have more character and i love the way the light bounces off all their little grooves and dents.