Feb 12, 2010

7 random things i love: day 5

my iphone
my husband bought an iphone the very first day
they were available. he was immediately smitten.
and so was i.
i tried to act like i didn't really care...
that i was just fine with my
dated, banged up, boring ol' regular phone,
and i tried not to be jealous.

but it was hard.
really, really hard.
i swear, if he wasn't talking on it,
then he was texting,
or surfing the internet,
or watching youtube,
or answering his email,
or finding directions,
or checking the weather,
or playing a game.
i teasingly started calling his iphone
"the prrrreciousssssss..."
i loved to tease him that
he loved   "the precious" more than
he loved me. (i kinda wouldn't blame if if he did!)
i got my husbands "old" iphone when my he upgraded
to the 3G last year. 
within a few days, i was hooked.
i wondered how
ever managed without my
very own 
that's about how i felt when i got it.


  1. That's so funny! Your Precious! haha. We haven't decided whether we'll upgrade to anything like that, we both have a year before we can reasonably do that. But it seems EVERYONE has an iphone or similar!

  2. kristen,
    you NEED an iphone...everyone does!

  3. I really want one. My phone is total crap. That last picture is so funny.

  4. LOLBSOCS! ("laughing out loud blowing snot on computer screen", in case you didn't know. it will catch on. ) see, exhibit #1142 of why i really dig you!

  5. that is sooooo funny! I use to say that to my husband when he got his blackberry! I'm glad that I'm not the only female who like Lord of the Rings!!!

  6. I just posted about this a few days ago. I realized that my contract should be up soon, so I WILL be getting an iPhone. I'm so excited.


  7. Hmmm. I was going to upgrade my phone (contract is up), and decided against the I Phone. Now you have great taste and you love the I Phone. I'm trying to keep my life simple. Doesn't this make your life more complicated? I have a lot of respect for your opinion, so thus the quandry. I mean you even think it's precious, which I find so hilarious. I saw that picture and I choked :)

  8. jan,
    oh jan,

    you need an iphone.
    for real.
    my mom is a "technology-dummy", and she recently got an iphone, and has no problems using it.
    one of my favorite features of the iphone is the built-in google maps. since i am still finding my way around salt lake city, this feature has been WONDERFUL.
    plus, there are some really cool applications (called "apps") made just for people like us who love interior design. there is one that allows you to draft up a room, and sherwin williams has an app that lets you take a picture, and then gives you paint colors that match the colors in the photo! how cool is that?!
    and you know what else?
    i was bored a few weeks ago (it was the weekend, and the kids and hubby were all asleep), and so i bought a movie on my iphone and watched it in bed---ON MY IPHONE. i was in heaven.
    like i said before,
    EVERYONE needs an iphone.

  9. ok -- i'm going to get one... i can't believe i just said that, but you've really made me want one and I want to be just like you, Autumn (hahaha). I really am not a stalker, just kidding you, although I would like to copy all your design ideas, and now I'm getting the same phone. Pretty soon I, too, will be able to pass for Precious!

  10. Oh! I've been whining for an iphone for awhile, now. My DH doesn't want to switch to AT&T :(. But I think he will "cave" by summertime.

  11. Too funny - your "precious". I am resisting the siren call of the iphone - for now anyway.