Feb 19, 2010

recovering chandelier shades

i have been working on a few 
projects for 
the pink + navy nursery.
here is one i thought y'all 
might enjoy 
tackling in your home!
i chose a fun print and contrasting trim, but this
technique could work equally well with a simple, 
textured fabric with a matching trim for a dining room.
we ordered a very affordable chandelier, 
and it came with these plain, white pleated shades.
the first step was to remove the binding on the top
and bottom of the shade.
next, i made a template onto wrapping paper
by rolling the shade and tracing as i went.
then, i cut out the template, and traced it
onto my fabric.
(recognize that wrapping paper?)
then, i cut out the fabric,
and sprayed the back with spray adhesive.
next, i placed the fabric on the shade and
trimmed of the excess.
i also used a fabric glue on the seams
for more durability.
(ps--try not to get marker on your shade as
you trace you template--oopsie!)
next, i used my glue gun to attach
bias tape to the top and bottom of the shade.
and then i attached the pom fringe on the bottom.
and here is the finished shade!
i love the way they turned out.
here is a peek at the 
shades on the chandelier.
the  room should be finished in the next week.
stay tuned for the pictures!
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  1. Very cute! Pink and navy, how fresh for a nursery!

  2. Pink medallion?? Love the whole thing- glossy white lamp and soft little shades.

  3. That looks easy enough! Thanks for a clear tutorial, other lampshade recovers have left me bewildered. I think I can do that.:)

  4. OOH, love it! I just found you and I am so happy because I've wanted to do that, yea for me!


  5. This is going to be THE cutest little nursery!

  6. What a cute light now! I love how cheery and fun it looks! Great job! Thanks for linking to Creative Cats!

  7. LOVE it! Thanks for the big, clear pictures and step-by-step. I remember seeing your kitchen before/after a long time ago on RMS. Always liked your style! So glad to have found you! Blessings,
    Shannon in Texas

  8. It looks so HOT! I really love the way they turned out! I actually have a chandelier to hang and found some plain brand new shades at good will for 75 cents a piece... I will have to try this!

    I am so glad you stopped by to join our little the party, I hope to see you there again! We have them every Friday. (And we are now doing a recipe link up on Wednesday!)

    Cassity @ Remodelaholic

  9. Beautiful! Refreshing colors for a nursery since most moms are doing blue brown or pink brown this year! Great job!

  10. um, CUTENESS!


  11. Roll the lampshade back to its starting position and repeat rolling the shade to the right, this time tracing the lower edge of the shade; it will make another "u" shape, this one below the one you previously made. Use a ruler to connect the two edges of the "u" shaped lines.Chandeliers