Feb 14, 2010

7 random things i love: day 7

seabrook island,
south carolina.
ever have a place that, for some reason, 
just "speaks" to you?
for me, it's this place.
it is a small island off the
coast of charleston, and to me,
 it is one of the most beautiful places 
i have ever seen.
growing up, my family came here for vacation
several times, and allen and i began a
tradition of taking our kids here the week 
after school got out. it was a week filled
with swimming and crabbing 
and riding bikes 
and making sand castles 
and just having a fabulous time together. 
the island is full of
beautiful live oak trees, 
dripping with spanish moss,
has gorgeous beaches, and tons of wildlife. 
when we moved across the country, one
of the things i mourned was not
being able to come to seabrook every summer.
(flying 5 people across the 
country is just too expensive for us right now.)
i miss the ocean, the dunes, the marshes,
the beach, the trees, the scenery, and the 
beauty of seabrook. but most of all, 
i miss the time that i got to
 spend here with my family.
i would love to own a
home here one day.
i have been looking for a "replacement" for it
on the west coast, so if you have any 
suggestions, please let me know!
you can read more about seabrook here


  1. It looks a lot like Bald Head Island but that is off the coast of NC..... it's wonderful !

  2. Oh, what a gorgeous place, thank you so much for the chance to "explore" a new place!

  3. What a gorgeous place - I think I need to add that to my list of places I want to visit some day.

  4. It is a beautiful place. My grandparents have lived on Kiawah Island right beside it and we have grown up on those same beaches! I was married there and am now taking my little ones. Just got back on Monday from a quick trip and it is even gorgeous in the winter!

  5. sara,
    so jealous that you just got back! i dream about going back someday---it can't happen soon enough!

  6. Wow so gorgeous, husband had a chance to relocate to costal Georgia, but I was having none of that, now I wish I would have investigated more....oh well I was young and was never going to leave California.....Not sure where you are on the West coast but we have a timeshare in Laguna Beach and we LOVE it there!
    I think too central costal Calif has some great spots. Just a lot different then East Coast.