Apr 7, 2010

can't. take. it. anymore.

yeah, i know it's a rental.
and yes, hopefully we are moving soon.
(i've been telling myself this every day
for the last 19 months, 23 days-- 
not like i'm keeping track or anything...)
but the wallpaper in my son's room is 
literally peeling off the walls.
(with...ahem...a tiny bit of help)
and the wallpaper in my girls 
rooms looks like this:
(no, that is not a typo---this duck wallpaper is 
in BOTH of my girls rooms! both. cuz we all
know that ducks get lonely, and if you're gonna have
one room with ugly duck wallpaper, why not just have two?!)

so, i am waving the white flag.
you win, ugly rental house wallpaper.
i surrender.
i can't take it anymore.
you beat me down,
and i caved.

i'll post some pictures when i am all done!


  1. love these colors. can't wait to see it finished.

  2. oo, that before is scary. can't wait for the afters!

  3. Duck wallpaper in two rooms??!!
    I can't wait to see your after photos!

  4. Can't wait to see the ugly duckings turn into swans ;)

  5. Well at least you will have some great before and after photos. Good luck on the painting.

  6. I have been on your blog now for about an hour and loving it all! I see some of my friends (Dayka & Heather--commentors above me) have already found you too :). Girlfriend, with your eye for design and your passion for beauty, I am shocked that you have endured the ducks for this long! You color choices are beautiful. Looking forward to seeing the end product.

  7. what is the name of the blue paint color?

  8. angela,
    the blue is called "robins nest"...a benjamin moore color.