Apr 10, 2010

lonny faves

images from the "newest" issue of
lonny...not to be confused with
the NEW issue that is due any day...
have you had a chance to take a peek yet?
here are my favorite images...

have a fun weekend!


  1. you jumped on this! i haven't seen it yet, but thanks for letting me know it's out. i'm excited to take a look!

  2. Oh! I haven't check yet, but those images are from last month's issue?

  3. I Looked through almost all your posts and am loving the same looks! Oh that house #5 made me swoon! The breakfast area is awesome--lovin the black/white/tan ...I also totally understand where you are at, I was renting for FIVE years before we finally got our house...and now I am at a standstill! I have sooooo many ideas (too many) and now find I am stuck. If you read this can you take a peek over to my blog and tell me what you think? link: http://housefinally.blogspot.com/2010/03/shout-out-for-help.html