Apr 9, 2010

living spaces:modern country/eclectic

no matter what interior style you like,
there is no denying that
this is one gorgeous

that wallpaper is calling my name!
and the graphic pillows against the white upholstery is beautiful.
and can you see the zebra upholstery on the office chair?
loving the trim on the window treatments.
i'm s sucker for little details like that.
also really liking that 
giant tub o' moss 
on top of the armoire!
great mix of black + white + red.
i want that desk.
ok,ok i'll take the chair too...
if you insist.
love this fun room!
i really want to hang out in here.
are those bobbin chairs?
i love them.
i thought it was intriguing that
the curtain panels are the same color as the walls.
and for a room with so much "dark",
it still manages to look "light".
a totally fun room with
a definite lake/water/camp vibe.
the black welting on these white couches
really makes this room come to life.
hello greek key trim.
would you like to come to my house
and make something beautiful?


  1. Loving the second image with the great wallpaper.

  2. Oh, I've been in that room that has the white upholstery with the black piping! How funny - I was actually thinking of that exact room when I looked at another one of your images with piped upholstery the other day. I can tell you that everything about the place is just gorgeous! And I've had those sofas in the back of my mind since I drooled over them in person...

    Your blog is such a great source of inspiration - well done!