Apr 21, 2010

tween hangout-bonus room

thought you might enjoy seeing 
the idea board for the
tween hangout space.
the girls really wanted bright walls,
but my client and i are trying to 
sell them on a soft aqua wall, with bolder 
punches of color in the fabrics. 

there is also a stage area, that will be treated as
a separate room---i am trying to convince my client 
to paper one wall in the anthopologie wallpaper,
and paint the walls black. i would love to see the
celing of the stage in a peacock blue, with
constellations and stars "hidden" in glow in the
dark paint. add some beautiful drapes on either
side, and you have  got yourself 
one fun place to karaoke!

couch is rooms to go, mirror-pier1, 
drapes & polka dot bean bag chair are 
pottery barn, 
most fabrics are from either premier fabrics, 
or are amy butler fabrics,
ottoman-ballard designs, 
black side table, table lamp-ikea, 
chair, white table & rug are overstock,


  1. These girls would be really lucky to have you design & execute this space for them! Lucky them...NG

  2. They are bound to love that! Who could not?

  3. OMG i'm in LOOOOOOOVE with the idea board! Can't wait to see it come to fruition! I love that you aren't afraid to suggest a black wall to a client! I hope she takes you up on the suggestion.

  4. I love ur color story. This couch looks amazing. I'm a sucker for the tuft look. This looks like it will be a really fun space. I hope you sell the girls on it too!

  5. I adore your design board. Can you advise how/where to get the fabric with the teal flowers and sort of mossy/olive green leaves? I'd like to take a small rectangle of that fabric and frame it. Thank you for your help!!!

  6. CM.
    sorry to take so long getting back to you...
    the fabric you are talking about is an may butler fabric. it is from the nigella collection. there are quite a few quilting and fabric stores that carry it online.

  7. Autumn,
    Thanks a ton for your response. I've been surfing the net looking or he fabric, but I can't find it. Just to make sure I'm not being too vague, it's the fabric sample in the upper right corner of your mood border. Thank you for any further help you can provide!!! Thanks again, very much.

  8. Cm,
    I am so sorry!
    Here is the one you want: it's from premier prints fabrics, and it is from the Mingei collection in Bristol/natural

    Hope this helps!