Apr 22, 2010

which one?

for the tween hangout source bonus area?
it is a large room, with sloping side walls,
but 9' ceilings in most of the space.

the wallpaper will be on the ceiling of the 
powder room, and is just being used as a reference
to some of the colors that will be in the space.
which one would you choose?
#1 palladian blue
#2 gossamer blue
#3 arctic blue

please leave a comment. 
i would love to know what you think!
the painter needs the 
final color by this evening...


  1. I can't decide between 1 and 2???? I guess it depends on the look she is going for?

  2. That's really cool wallpaper. You're going to have one awesome powder room ceiling!!

    Another vote for Gossamer Blue. The other two colours are pretty as well, but they look a bit too green.

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  3. I think #2 Gossamer Blue is the best. It's less green teal and a little more gray and subdued. I like that it's less assertive and ties to that background color. I like that it's a little more distant from the turquoise/peacock blue in the wallpaper. I feel like separating those tones, establishes it as it's own color and gives your scheme a firm foundation. I don't know if that makes any sense, but that's my opinion! :)

  4. The FIRST one! It has a little more attitude than the 2nd!

  5. #2. The other two are "brighter" which i typically go for but I think #2 goes with the wallcovering best.

  6. gossamer blue seems to have the right undertones (if the picture is reading true to life)

  7. Gossamer for sure. It compliments the wallpaper perfectly!

  8. Wow, I was going to vote for #2, but I think you've heard that already. Lisa~

  9. Autumn, I'm drawn to #2. Gossamer!

  10. If the color is true on my computer I like #2 the best!

  11. i like the brightness of number 1 but 2 seems to go better...

  12. #1! Even though it doesn't match as well as #2, I like the different shade.

  13. wow~~!!
    thanks for all your comments!
    my client was thinking of going with the bali, but when she saw all the votes for #2 (gossamer blue), she decided to go with it!
    gossamer blue it is!
    thanks for all the votes!

  14. i like number 1 the best, though 2 is also nice.

  15. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me what this wallpaper is! Just came across your blog today... Lovin' it!

  16. sweet,
    it is "swirling dervish" wallpaper, available at anthropologie.