Apr 14, 2010

design*speak: portieres

(pawr-tyair, pohr-tee-air)

1.a curtain hing in a doorway,
either to replace the door
or for decoration.
2. something that autumn thinks
is pretty fabulous.
ok, so not all of these pictures are
technically portieres, but that's 
what i'm gonna call 'em anyway!
in addition to creating a more dramatic entry,
partiere's can also create softness...
or help to define space...
or create privacy,
like in this studio apartment.
not only do these partieres create drama and
add softness, they can also be closed to create a
more intimate setting for a fabulous dinner party.

i love the "room"
that is created here.
over the top,
to die for
don't have enough space for a guest room?
just hang some fabric  create a portiere, 
and voila!
instant guest space!
this one helps to create a reading nook within
this dining area.
they work especially well in 
outdoor spaces!
hung in front of a mirror,
this portiere creates the illusion
of more space and creates softness.


  1. I've been wanting to use this treatment somewhere! A friend has drapes between her living room and den in an turn of the century home and it creates such a cozy feel! Wonderfully inspiring post...Janell

  2. love the entry tile, and those chairs in the last photo.

  3. Great rooms, all. I love that entry in the first photo